VR Photography Case Studies

The 360° Video Conundrum – Cinematic VR Considerations (Jan., 2015)

Review of the Nikon D800 / D800e DSLR and Nodal Ninja/Fanotec VR pan heads (Feb., 2013)

Review of the Nikon D3 and D700 DSLRs (March, 2008)

Estimating a Corporate VR Shoot (2003 - IQTVRA Business Practices panel)

Review of Multi-Row Panoramic Heads from Kaidan, Manfrotto and Peace River Studios (December, 2006)

Behind the Scenes on a VR Shoot (QuickTime movie)

QTVR vs. IPIX costs (March, 2005)

Apple Company Store (original)

Apple Store II

Estimating the VR Shoot from Hell (1999)

Masco Vitual Showhome