Virtual Reality Photography Slate Book

The VR Photography Slate Book (4" x 6") is designed to assist photographers in the production of their virtual reality photography projects.

Before shooting any panoramic or object image sequence, a VR Photo Slate page can be used to record the information about the shoot.

This slate and the fold-over cover color target can then be photographed as the first frame of your image sequence under the lighting conditions of your subject.

The color target will give you a reference for scene color corrections in post production, and the completed slate information will provide reference for stitching, sequencing, continuity and other assembly information.

The back of each slate page can be used for notes, diagrams and node mapping.

The slate pages can be torn out of the spiral book and kept with processed film or digital files, or they can be retained within the book for an ongoing record of your VR shoots.

Additional resource pages include:

  • focal length/field of view chart
  • hyperfocal distances chart
  • instructions for use of book
  • description of a practical field technique for large object photography
  • grayscale/rectilinear correction chart


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